Fluffy & Fern

Fluffy & Fern had a difficult start being born in a garden shed to a stray. All the family were taken into CP care in October 2014 when the kittens were just a few weeks old. Fluffy & Fern are two of the litter of four gorgeous grey kittens. They were adopted in December 2014 and get on famously with the rescue dog already in the home. They like to explore and get up to all sorts of mischief but 
Marion and Paul love them. 

Easter 2015 and don't the girls look all grown with their pretty pink harnesses. Marion says "Not letting them loose yet...Fern is a scaredy cat and goes in as soon as possible...Fluffy inquisitive and adventurous and loves to sunbathe!" 

It's been tricky to get a picture of them as they don't stay still for long! Fluffy is eyes front and Fern is making her way stage right!   
Photo taken March 2015 

A bit later in March (the 12th!) Marion sent more news of the gorgeous grey girls.. "they'll be going for the op soon as now they are 6 months old......we've been introducing them to the outside world (in a harness) Fluffy loves it....Fern's a bit of a scardy cat.....they both have lovely natures very loving and Fluff is a big kisser! (and a bit of a tart) her 
and Paddy (the dog) are very chummy and he washes them both."