Beryl came into care in February 2013 when her owner died.  Initially Beryl was looked after by Debbie and then went to Kate’s for a bit more space as this energetic young cat was into everything. Beryl found her forever home with Lynn and Dave in March 2013 and a few weeks settling in, she says - 

“Just thought you may like to see how I am doing at my new Mummy and Daddy’s house. I have completed settled in, in fact both my Mummy and Daddy say they feel like they have had me for years and not just two weeks. I have a lovely life which I spend chasing the birds in the garden, outside playing with my new found feline friends and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Mummy says the lounge looks like a war zone with so many toys strewn all over the place, but then I never know which toy I may want to play with when I come in from the garden. I don’t go far, preferring to keep checking that Mummy is in the house somewhere and Mummy has made me a lovely tunnel bed up in her bedroom, and when Mummy and Daddy are asleep, I curl up in my tunnel next to their bed until 4 am in the morning, when I am usually awake walking all over Mummy to wake her to let me out in the garden again. (I have a 10 pm curfew). I am having a wonderful time and Mummy says she could not imagine life without me and how I have breathed life back into their otherwise quiet home. I love my Mummy very much and I know she loves me. I am the luckiest little tabby girl in Portchester!!! Hugs and kisses to you Kate. Love Beryl. Xxxxxxxxxxxx”