Daisy (aka Buttons)

Daisy looks so settled in prime position on the sofa in her new home with Sue & Ed which is just great. She came into CP care in January 2014 (as Buttons) having had a litter of kittens a few months previously and being part of a very large multi cat household. In July 2014 she went to join her lovely new home..
"As promised I am letting you know how Daisy is settling in with us. 
What a beautiful, affectionate little cat Daisy is!  We feel we have had her with us for years.  She settled in so quickly and soon found my lap!  She is sheer joy and we are so glad that we have her here with us. 
I am attaching a photo taken one Sunday morning (Daisy in the middle of reading the Sunday Papers!)
Thank you so much for giving us a chance to have such a lovely companion."

Many thanks to Sue for the update, we really do appreciate it.