Dave and Clive

Dave & Clive take time out to recharge their batteries before the next round of playtime. They came into care with their Mum in August 2014 and were adopted a few weeks later in September. New owner Julia says the 
sleeping kitten pose 'is the afternoon nap they seem to have before the boys return from school and college so they are refreshed and ready to play! They are such social kittens and love company. They greet everyone and have taken to running to the front door when one of the family return (they seem to know) so we have had to employ tactics to stop any escaping although we think it is more about welcoming home whoever it is coming through the door as opposed to wanting to escape! They continue to delight us every day and we really couldn't imagine life without them.' 

Another lovely update from Julia in January 2015 with a gorgeous photo of the boys. "Dave and Clive have massively changed since we picked them up from you in September and have grown into two very handsome young cats.
We love having them as part of our family. They are so affectionate and friendly and still see everything as a potential game. Getting them was the best thing ever and we couldn't imagine our home without them both."

Fast forward (almost) a year to the August Bank Holiday weekend 2015 and Julia says "As you can see our lovely boys have grown and grown and are now two very handsome cats (we are biased!). They continue to delight us every day and we feel that we lucked out when we 'discovered' them on your website nearly a 
year ago. They are so affectionate and social and have, from day one, become 
part of our family.

We hope you are both well and thank you again for allowing us to become Dave 
and Clive's new owners."

The boys continue to be just adorable and have been enjoying the lovely August weather whilst making sure they're perfectly comfortable! On 05/08/16 Julia said "I've been wanting to send you an up to date photo of our two lovely cats protections boys for ages but hadn't managed to get a decent photo of them both....until this weekend! As you can see we had set up the garden for a peaceful afternoon with a cup of tea etc and we turned our backs for two minutes and Dave and Clive obviously thought we'd gone to all that trouble for them. They didn't move all afternoon, cheeky doesn't even cover it! "