Finley was one of six kittens who along with his Mum wasn't wanted by his owner. He came into CP care when he was 5 weeks old in October 2016 and was adopted in November. A cute kitten, Finley's growing into a handsome cat. 
Hoping all is well with you and the cats? Finley and his family told us how things are going for them all.

"Hi Debbie
I thought that I would let you know how I am getting on. I am very excited because I have been outside for the first time. I loved it although was a bit scared at first. It is a lovely garden and its all mine with my Friend Abi. She is a girl but very nice and we play together very well. I even curl up with her sometimes. She arrived after me so I think I am in charge !! We get lots of love and Andi is making us an outside house for occasional use, if we have wandered too far and Elizabeth & Andi have had to go out. I'm not sure I want to wander too far yet, its a big world!
Here I am sat outside. You can see I have grown lots. I am well fed and get an occasional treat of salmon or trout which is yum ! Here is a picture of my Friend Abi too
All for now Debbie 
Love Finley, Elizabeth & Andi xx"


At the milestone of 1 year old, on 29/08/17, the lovely Finley wanted us to know how he's getting on...
"Just dropping in on my Birthday today. I am one and can't believe where the time has gone! Mum says I am quite heavy now and due for my health check soon.
I have been put onto Big Cat food now the same as my Sister ! Its ok and seems to be more filling. Good old Felix !
I travel quite a distance now and sometimes I am late home as I was the other night. I though I was locked out as I had gone out the front door with no cat flap but Thank Goodness Mum was there to let me in at 1 A.M ! I was so pleased to see her I purred lots.
I do go on a few adventures now. I love the house Dad made me. Its mine. My Sister Abi doesn't seem to use it and I go there often. Its very cosy. I like to chew the cardboard boxes.
I am sending you a few pictures and as you said I was handsome, I thought I would share them
Mum & Dad send their best wishes
Finley's adventures over and out
Love Finley xx"