George was homed in January 2011 after a flood of calls about him. His new family say "We thought you’d like an update on George (was Fudge) and how he’s settled into his new home.  When I first saw him on the website I knew he was the one for me.  It was love at first sight!  Having lost my precious Lady who was 21 two days before Christmas last year, I never thought I’d love another cat but, into my life came George.  He is the most adorable cat imaginable.  When we bought him home it was as if he’d always been with us.  He purrs like a motorbike, has to be involved in absolutely everything you do, from making the bed in the morning, to helping and sampling the late night Horlicks!  He follows us everywhere and we don’t need an alarm clock these days – George just purrs in your face at 4.00am!  We are totally besotted with him and he has certainly made himself at home as you can see from the pictures.  He loves his catnip mice and strangely has a fascination for water sitting for ages at the kitchen sink trying to catch the drips from the tap or attacking the washing up cloth!  On his first morning with us he even helped me brush my teeth!  George is going to be a BIG cat – he eats like a horse!  Thanks to all at CPL Gosport, especially Debbie who fostered him before we collected him and Chris for being so understanding when I telephoned initially.  George needs a playmate, would another cat be able to cope?  We hope so!"

Jan is so thrilled with the lovely George and his exploits that she's updated us on 11/05/11 of the latest adventures and says "George has now discovered "the great outdoors" and there's no keeping him in!  I don't think his paws have EVER been so dirty and he's brought in one live bird (twice) and two dead slow worms.  He absolutely loves going out but we make sure we get him in before we go to bed as he's too thick to work out how to use the catflap!  We've shown him, one of us either side, and he will go through if you open it for him but otherwise he just bashes it with his paws!  He's also indoors most of the day while we are at work but once I get home, out he goes!  Initially he was very cautious and didn't like the wind blowing on him, but now he's gone for hours and seems to like the allotments above our garden.  He's so funny when you are gardening, as fast as you dig a hole, he fills it in!  He just loves to be with us when we are outside and never moves far from our sides but if we are not there, he's gone!  George gives us so much love and affection.  When he sees us from across the garden he comes charging over with his tail up, just to say I love you.  What a darling he is."

He's so lovely that Jan wants everyone to know about gorgeous George. She tells us on 31/05/11 "George continues to delight and give us so much love and happiness.  Having always been an indoor cat when we got him, we were very reluctant to let him outside but, having done so, he has discovered a whole new world!  The local wildlife is not too impressed and George has brought home the odd little gift for us.  It’s what cats do!  He has managed to scale the large sycamore tree a few times and had to be coaxed down.  He loves to be with us when we are gardening and if you dig a hole, George will helpfully fill it in again for you.  If you throw a stick or twig, George will run off and bring it back.  When he sees you outside, he will charge over from where is, tail up, and purring like a motorbike.  Everything is a great adventure for him right now but when he is indoors, he just loves to sit and be cuddled.  He has the most wonderful temperament, so loving and gentle and everybody who meets him instantly falls in love – how could you not?  We just adore him.  He’s a very special little man. Can't begin to tell you how much we love George. You can pick him up and give him huge cuddles while he kisses you.  What a very special and unique cat he is."

A Christmas update
on the gorgeous George from Jan and Dave, "
I haven't been in touch for a while so thought, as it's Christmas, you might like an update on that beautiful boy George! We had no need to worry about him in the cattery. Jenny the owner fell in love with him, as everybody does, and sent us pictures and updates whilst we were away. We fretted and worried but he came home more laid back than us after a fortnight in the sun!  Needless to say, the first thing he wanted to do was go out! He's a real outdoors cat, just loves the open spaces. The only thing he doesn't like is the wind!  I've never known a cat who will stay outside in torrential rain, then come in soaking wet and let you wipe him down with a towel! He continues to be the love of our lives. He has such a lovely temperament, so gentle and loving. He's definitely Mum's boy and Dave is always saying "that cat just adores you!" As you can see from the photos, he certainly knows how to chill out and makes best use of the space available! Maybe into the New Year we may think about getting a playmate for him as Dave feels a bit lonely.”

It is fantastic to hear how much happiness George has brought to his family and clearly how happy George is.