Gorgeous Noel came into CP care in December 2015 having been a long term stray. 9 year old Noel is a gentle boy who had a great start to 2016 with a New home in mind January. Noel's new family, Maria & Robbie along with Miss Moo, Pepper and Bonnie sent a lovely update on 31/01/16 "He's doing well, getting on with Miss Moo alright. They like to be in the same room and just watch each other, he'll follow her and the other way around. No hissing or animosity, just liking each others company I guess. He doesn't venture downstairs yet, but likes to stay upstairs in the bedrooms. If something scares him he'll run back to his own room, but normally he'll camp out in our bedroom on the window sill. He is nosey...  

He talks a lot, chirps and meows in a talking way. He'll wake up and want a chat around 5am usually... I let him know we're there and give him a fuzz and then he'll go back to bed again - he's a good boy :-)   

And for a 9 year old he is very playful, he'll chase and run after anything (ribbon is very popular). 

He's been no hassle what so ever. I think he likes having some company after being on the streets for so long. He is happy to have a home again, but he still has some way to go in trusting us 100%. But we got time and love to give so he'll be ok."