Rafferty was a gorgeous heavyweight of a stray when
 he came into care in November 2013 and fortunately
didn't wait long before he went to a home and family of his own, just in time for Christmas. After a few days with his new family they told us "Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know Rafferty is settling in beautifully. Within 30 minutes of getting him home he was sitting next to me on the sofa purring loudly and continued to shadow me for the rest of the evening. He was happy to meet one of my friends and didn't seem at all put out when Steve got home either.
Daniel has discovered he does like to play with a long shoelace and is very agile for his size!  His new nickname is Plodipus."
Rafferty certainly looks a chilled out and contented boy which is just wonderful.   

It was lovely to hear from Kathy again on 14/01/14 and that her boy Rafferty is something of a keep fit fanatic - "Just a quick update to let you know Rafferty is thriving.  He coped with 6 of us here at Christmas and a recent party for over 20.  He has been
friendly to everyone he has met but has his firm favourites - Steve and me!
I started letting him out last Sunday and despite going over the fence into the neighbours where I lost sight of him, he returned after 15 minutes.  I can't let him use the cat flap though as I don't think he would fit! Our previous cat didn't like it anyway, so we are used to just leaving the outer door open.
We suspect there is some Maine Coon in his genes as despite not eating that much he is growing.  He is very active, never napping for longer than 30 mins, playing by himself running all over the place and can jump up a 6ft fence with ease".