Twinkle came into care as a tiny kitten with her Mum and litter mates. She was homed in June 2012 and new owner Gill sent this fab photo telling us “A friend of mine took the attached picture of me with Twinkle just two weeks after I picked her up. I wanted you to see it 

because you would never think, looking at my face, that only 6 weeks before, I was in crisis and wondering if life was worth living. If ever I doubted that cats are magical creatures, this picture proves that they are! 

My friend had the photo blown up and printed on canvas like an oil painting for my wall.  What do you reckon, can I be the Cats Protection poster girl???

Twinkle is growing apace and testing the boundaries (she has now learnt the phrase "lickies NOT bities"!!). She is eating well and going out in the garden on her harness every day. She's a happy girl and so am I! 

Gill updated us on 04/08/12 saying, "just to let you know that Twinkle is growing

 fast and has turned out to be quite a feisty little thing - that's good, though, cos she's developing a real character.

She has had her second vaccination and has been wormed so I've followed the protocols. She is not yet spayed but I will be arranging that with Animed at Locks Heath.  Needless to say, she is not allowed outside until that's done, although we have been working with a little harness just to walk around my garden, which is completely enclosed so she is perfectly safe. I want her to get some fresh air, at least! 

I love her to bits and everyone who knows me has been to visit her. She has made such a difference to my life and she is such a good girl (except when she is being really naughty - but that's half the fun of having a kitten!).

Thanks again for letting me have her - she's gonna be a special one, I can tell!"