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Beautiful Bella

09 April 2018
Beautiful Bella
A bonus of our fundraising stalls is meeting people and hearing all about your wonderful cats. Last Saturday, 07/04/18, was no exception and it was a lovely surprise to be given a letter and photo's from Sandy with a delightful update on Bella, who she adopted in May 2016 from Gosport CP.

Back in 2016 Sandy was looking for another cat to join resident feline Rosie after losing her beloved cats Lilly, to kidney dissease and Henry to pancreatitis. Rosie as a solo cat was fast becoming a couch potato says Sandy who looked on the Gosport CP website and fell in love with Bella and her beautiful blue eyes. On bringing Bella home and the start of her new life she was very timid and nervous to begin with and Sandy spent the first few months looking for Bella who hid every time something bothered her.  

Gradually Bella gained confidence and also got used to Rosie hissing at her. There was no fighting just Rosie standing her ground. Bella would attempt to greet Rosie and eventually it paid off. Sandy says the two cats are of similar nature; a little timid and shy of strangers.

Sandy finds Bella's playfulness lovely as her other cats have never played as much as Bella does and they are toys all over the house. It was sad for Sandy that initially Bella would hide groups of 3 soft toys, always 3 in a group and well hidden throughout the house. Sandy wondered if Rosie had had 3 kittens in the past. The hiding of toys has stopped now and Rosie and Bella play together and are usually found sleeping in the same room.

Bella's fabulous coat needs regular brushing and brushing at home is supplemented by being a professionally groomed every three months and coming home looking like a powder puff!

Sandy writes "All in all it’s worked out really well. Rosie has a friend and has learnt how to play again. Bella seems really contented and happy and those blue eyes just melt me. Thank you for allowing me to adopt Bella, she’s brilliant."

We do appreciate the updates on cats adopted from Cats Protection. Thanks to Sandy for taking the time to write and also for her kind donation.