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From Scruffy to Fluffy!

16 November 2017
From Scruffy to Fluffy!
Look at Eddy now! This long haired tabby boy came into CP care in June 2017 having been wandering as a stray for over a month. Once reported to our L&F volunteer, Eddy was kept on eye on by a kind gentleman until we had foster space for him. Poor Eddy seemed worn out and downtrodden and he needed most of his thick coat shaved off at the vets as it was completely clogged up with matts. 

Though loving with his fosterer, Eddy needed time to gain confidence and trust new people. A patient owner was sought who'd let him settle and find his paws in his own time. That owner was Dorothy who adopted Eddy on 01/08/17 and was able to give him the time and space he needed. It's fabulous to see them both now, so relaxed and happy in each other's company.