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Happy Retirement Dotty

09 May 2017
Happy Retirement Dotty
Look at Dotty, 16 years young and loving life in her fabulous home with Tricia! Coming into CP care in November 2016 as a senior citizen, Dotty seemed a little lost at her new situation. She'd been happy in her home but housing rules meant she couldn't stay any longer. Dotty needed many trips to the vet including a geriatric profile and dental surgery but she managed really well and then it was a case of waiting...for that special home. Dotty had to wait until March 2017 when she found a loving home with Tricia.

It seems it didn't take Dotty long at all to get settled with Tricia who sent this heart warming update in May 2017, "Just a quick note to let you know that Dotty has settled in well, in fact she was settled in within the first 10 minutes of arriving at my house! I've never had a cat make themself at home so quick. She has slept on my bed since the first night. 
As for being an indoor cat, I'm sure somewhere in her history she has had access to a garden and a cat flap, she didn't need any training to use mine and was not nervous at all on her first venture into the big open world. She loves the garden and often supervises me when I'm working out there.
She is very good company, loves to play and enjoys a fuss. As you heard this morning she is just as vocal as ever. 
You wouldn't believe she is 16.
She loves her special food. 
She is a very special cat and everyone adores her. Thank you so much for introducing me to her."

Everyone at Gosport CP is thrilled that Dotty has the perfect home and that Tricia saw beyond the number of birthdays that Dotty has had.