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Happy reunion means a Happy Birthday & Christmas

21 December 2017
Happy reunion means a Happy Birthday & Christmas
At Gosport Cats Protection we love a happy ending and the saga of missing Chelsea certainly ended well for cat and owner. Mrs Ann Plumb is devoted to Chelsea, her feline companion, and the two are inseparable. Chelsea prefers to spend her time indoors, mostly very close by Ann and is a very content cat. All was fine until 13/11/17 when Chelsea got spooked by some noisy work going on at home. Poor Chelsea was so frightened that in her panic she bolted through the front door of her Stubbington home which had been left open for a moment.

When Ann realised Chelsea was missing she was distraught and contacted Carole who runs Gosport CP’s Lost & Found service. Carole immediately posted Chelsea’s details on the Gosport CP website, Facebook page and a multitude of other local Facebook and websites who helped publicise the missing cat. People were galvanised into action, sharing the post and asking people they knew who lived in the Marks Road area to keep a look out for Chelsea. Reported sightings were followed up by Carole with Ann’s caring neighbour Christine being ready to go and call Chelsea to try and get her to come to her.

Ann was very low as Chelsea had been missing for two weeks and she feared she wouldn’t see her again. Carole maintained momentum with advertising Chelsea and encouraging people to report any possible sightings. In the end Chelsea was spotted by neighbour Christine sitting under a car just outside her home. It took a bag of Dreamies to entice a very frightened Chelsea out from her hiding place and both Ann and Chelsea were clearly delighted to be reunited. Chelsea was thin and her coat was in a poor condition but Ann was overjoyed to have her precious cat safely home safely on 01/12/17. Chelsea tucked into some food and then resumed her place at Ann’s side. The timing was perfect for Ann who had been worried about being without her faithful companion on her birthday which was looming and then Christmas a few weeks later. 

We're all thrilled that Chelsea was spotted and returned home to Ann and that they can enjoy each other's company again particularly at Christmas time. Many thanks to Carole who didn't give up the search, promoted, checked and encouraged people to keep a look out for Chelsea.