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Louie's home at last

28 May 2017
Louie loves Sheila, Sheila loves Louie and they both love Kim who brought them together! Pensioner Sheila really felt her life and home were missing a cat and asked granddaughter Kim if she could get her a toy cat. Why a toy cat? asked Kim and Sheila confessed that she felt she’d be considered too old to adopt a cat. Kim thought this seemed too sad for her Grandma and she began looking at the Gosport CP website being immediately drawn to 8 year old Louie feeling he’d be the perfect companion for her Grandma.  

Louie had been in CP care since March 2017 and shown himself to be a sweet affectionate boy. He can’t get enough of cuddles, loves company and affection and on seeing his pictures and description on the CP website Sheila felt Louie was the cat for her. Initially Kim made the adoption enquiry and on establishing that care was in place for Louie if he outlived Sheila, the adoption progressed and Sheila spoke to Gosport CP. It was arranged that CP volunteer home visitor Paula would meet Sheila and Kim to chat about Louie, his needs and see it was a good match all round.
Having fostered Louie for a time, Paula knew him well and could quickly tell that Sheila and Louie were just right for each other. Paula brought Louie to Sheila’s and once out of his cat carrier, Louie proceeded to have a good nose round his new home and of course enjoyed being stroked by Sheila and Kim. Straightaway Louie seemed very much at home and Sheila is just thrilled with Louie especially when he jumped onto her lap and settled there.  
A memorable May Bank Holiday for all involved and we wish Sheila and Louie many happy years together.