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Microchipping Message

11 March 2018
Microchipping Message
An important message from Billy. 

Hi all

I'm Billy and I'm on the adoption page looking for my forever new home. 
I've been asked by the kind people looking after me (they are making us earn our keep) to bring up an important matter.

Bit cheeky if you ask me...

But anyway, the important matter is microchipping.

Microchipping is so important, it doesn't cost much, it doesn't hurt us, if we do get lost or injured we want to see our loving humans as soon as possible and it keeps these lot and other rescues/vets happy. It really helped me but that's another story. 

Keeping your details (yes, you humans) up to date on the microchip is equally as important. I know the CP volunteers get upset if they aren't, as they really want to get us fur babies home.

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, it's still important to have them chipped. If they got out by accident, they could get lost very quickly. 

That's it, message over, and think I deserve some Dreamies now.