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28 September 2017
LAST FEW DAYS! RING NOW! There's still time to take up Gosport CP's 35th birthday gift of getting your cat  neutered and microchipped for only £10. Getting your cat snipped has many health benefits including being less likely to wander so it’s good news for your pet and you.

The £10 neutering, or spay, and microchipping offer is running until the end of September. Owners on benefits, a low income, are students or pensioners or would otherwise struggle to pay for the surgery and live in the PO12, PO13 and PO14 areas should ring 02392 582601 between 01/09/17 and 30/09/17 and you could get your cat or kitten neutered and microchipped for £10, with Gosport CP paying the rest. 

We know that owners love their cats and can show how much they love and care for their pet by investing £10 in their welfare this September.

Cats can start breeding from just four months of age, when they’re still kittens themselves, but the good news is that they can be safely neutered at this age. As cats will readily breed with their brothers, sisters and parents don’t delay, call today and register your kitten or cat for September’s £10 snip & chip offer.

Neutering your cat not only helps in keeping puss closer to home but microchipping, with up to date contact details, can make all the difference in being reunited with your beloved pet should he stray or go missing.

We really want to help as many cats and owners as possible and together we can reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens. We can loan you a cat carrier if needed. Please phone Chris on 02392 582601 for further information and to register your cat for the £10 offer.